Sophos Home: Free security service for Windows & Mac

Are you looking for a free antivirus package for your systems? Then you should take a look at the new Sophos Home service. The new product offers guaranteed commercial level protection to Windows and Mac home users and is totally free of charge.Sophos Home

Setup could not be easier.Sophos

go to and create a free account.
Sign in to your account from the computers you want to protect (Windows and Mac, up to 10 systems per account) and download the installation file.
Install the software.

Sophos Home not only protects your systems from viruses, but also has built-in web protection that blocks websites known to install malware.

Also included is a spam detection feature to prevent them from installing on your systems.

Another awesome feature of Sophos Home is that you will have access to an online dashboard that displays information about all protected systems. From there, you can check and change the software settings, as well as remotely scan for viruses.

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