The security company Sophos is doing so

An updated version of the Sophos Web Appliance managed to "drop" thousands of user computers, and take the Australian call center of a global company offline for two days. The cause of the disaster was that the security company revoked the SSL 3.0 encryption algorithm used in the Citrix Receiver.SOPHOS

The British security company with the release of update last week tried to correct four non-critical issues of SSL 3.0.

However, this update was the cause of the disaster that followed, as it was incompatible with Citrix Receiver's recent releases. The new Citrix had been updated to repel attacks with POODLE.

The Australian company went out of business for two days - and continues to have problems with interruptions - as the update prevents operators from accessing a gateway required for sending critical entries.

The Australian company manager reported that Sophos did not warn them about the recall of SSL 3.0 and took 24 hours to respond to a support e-mail, according to He Reg.

The Sophos update should normally have been designed and coordinated in advance, according to the manager.

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