Soyuz-FG in the ISS from Earth to Space: This is real

Soyuz-FG on the ISS: We are used to seeing perfect images of space, in movies and video games. So if we ever see something real it does not compare to the space presented to us by filmmakers.

On Thursday, the European Space Agency (ESA) released a video taken through International Space Station (ISS) by astronaut Alexander Gerst. The video shows a time-lapse of the Russian Progress MS-10 spacecraft that took off from Kazakhstan's Baikonur spaceport on November 16.


The shots are almost unbelievable as they show the spacecraft on an ISS power mission, traveling in orbit. The camera on the unmanned Russian spacecraft reveals the curvature of the Earth on a scale we have not seen.

"This is real," Alexander Gerst wrote in one tweet with the video. "How a spaceship leaves our planet, as seen by the ISS."

Beyond the incredible footage, the video is particularly significant, as it depicts the first launch of the Russian Soyuz-FG missile into the ISS after a failed mission to transport a crew to the ISS last month. The cause of the mission failure was a sensor that was not working properly. Fortunately not no one was injured.

The Nov. 16 mission was unmanned, but Soyuz-FG will fly again (this time with astronauts) to the ISS by Christmas, according to NASA chief Jim Bridenstine.

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