SpaceX and NASA will crash a satellite into an asteroid tomorrow

SpaceX and NASA will crash a satellite onto an asteroid tomorrow morning at 08:21 a.m. to see if they can affect its course.


Since 2017, NASA is in the process of testing to see if the crash of a satellite on an asteroid can change its course, and for this purpose in 2019 sought the help of SpaceX.

Today, SpaceX announced that it has completed a static fire test and aims to start the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) tomorrow, November 23rd.

At 8:21 a.m. "Greece will deliberately crash the DART spacecraft into an asteroid to see if it is an effective way to change course if an asteroid threatening Earth is discovered in the future," SpaceX said. in a tweet.

The static fire test is one of the many steps in preparing a rocket and checking the engine starting performance by measuring things like pressure and temperature. Upon completion of this stage, SpaceX and NASA seem to be moving into the next phase.

DART targets a binary asteroid, with two bodies called Gemini. Gemini B is 160 meters and orbits the larger Gemini A, which has a size of 780 meters.

NASA has already identified at least 23 objects that could potentially collide with us over the next 100 years. Finding a defense strategy is the key to protecting humanity, if the Armageddon visit us the future.

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