Sparky Linux 5.9 Easy Debian in Rolling Edition

Sparky Linux 5.9: SparkyLinux is a lightweight, fast, and simple Linux distribution designed for old and new PCs.

Comes with me too many desktops: Budgie, Enlightenment, JWM, KDE Plasma, LXDE, LXQt, MATE, Openbox, Xfce and CLI that is, it supports command line management like any other Linux. For distribution manager uses LightDM.Sparky

SparkyLinux comes in three different versions and has stopped supporting all of the Desktop Environment that supported because the quantity had a direct impact on quality.

The Stable based on the stable version of Debian. This version is recommended for new Linux users.
The Rolling based on the Debian testing branch, for those who choose the latest packages instead of stability
and Development, targeting only testers and developers.

The Debian Testing Edition includes all packages (programs) that are not yet considered very stable and need control. This version is not intended for use on servers or any computer that provides critical services. However, many are using it because the programs it contains are the most recent.

I have tried both Rolling and the Stable version of SparkyLinux and I was excited about the features it contains and its simplicity. The Polish programmers have managed to develop a distribution with all the good of Debian, while trying to make it very affordable for new Linux users.

Polish project developers today announced the new stable version of Sparky Linux 5.9 that comes in LXDE and Minimal CLI flavors (no codecs, and X Server).

The SparkyLinux 5.9 version is based on the fixed "Buster" version of Debian and includes many package updates.

“There are new live / install ISOs of SparkyLinux 5.6 'Nibiru” available for download. This is 4 and this year's latest update to the Debian Testing Buster ISO.

The distribution comes with the Linux 4.19 kernel. The Calamares installer is in the 3.2.11 version. Distribution can also be installed with Minimal ISO.

Download the ISO you are interested in:


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