The first Spartan browser photo spilled

Windows 10 is very likely to come with a new browser, which will not be a new version of Internet Explorer, but a completely new application that Microsoft has given her code name Spartan or new browser

Today, Neowin published his first screenshot Spartan, and even if it's blurry, the photo provides a little glimpse of how it looks like the upcoming browser when it's released in the autumn of 2015.Windows 10 Spartan Browser

At this point, the browser is still in development, and it can change many things until it is released in its final form but there is no doubt that Microsoft is ready to bring a fully reformulated default browser to Windows. So a new look is very likely to be part of the new product.

As you can see for yourself in the leaked photo, Spartan is very likely to look like the look with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, with rectangular tabs and a very flat design that fits perfectly into Microsoft's modern approach to viewing.

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