Speed ​​Test from Cloudflare for everyone

Cloudflare provided one new Speed ​​Test service for all. It is an online service that controls various parameters related to the network you are using, such as download speed, latency or jitter.

There are dozens of Speed ​​Tests on the Internet, so we need to understand why Cloudflare has launched its own speed test service.

According to the company:

Although there are many speed test tools out there, none of them provide you with accurate information on how they arrive at these measurements and how they correspond to actual performance. With speed.cloudflare.com, we give you all the information about what we measure and how exactly we calculate the scores for your network connection. Best of all, you can easily download the measurements if you want to do your own analysis.

Note: Your login performance data is collected anonymously according to Cloudflare, and is not for sale. The company uses the data to improve its network. The code used by Cloudflare for the new service is available on GitHub.

The Speed ​​Test works similarly to all other speed tests (eg Netflix Fast), as it displays the metrics automatically when you visit the site. The test takes very little time, and will perform a number of functions, such as multiple file downloads.

Cloudflare's announcement states that the Speed ​​Test also measures upload speed, but turned it off because it received reports of erroneous measurements.

Speed ​​Test displays average download speed, average latency and jitter at the top. There is also a graph showing performance over time.

Below is the IP address of your device and a map showing the location of the server. Latency measurements and capture measurements are provided as a bar chart in a table.

More information at about the new service

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  1. Good alternative to speedtest.net but does not measure upload
    that in the age of teleconferencing, teleworking, teleportation ;-)
    is quite important

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