SplashData: The worst passwords are 2014

We have several times warned security experts about the dangers of choosing simple and easy passwords. However, according to the figures, there are quite a few who choose exactly these codes to protect their online accounts.dump SplashData

Η SplashData, is a password management software manufacturer and has published a list of the 25 most used passwords. SplashData created the list by analyzing information that contained more than 3,3 million codes and was collected from data published by hackers in 2014.

The "Password" and "123456" codes continue to be the first on the list, while for some unknown reason the "strong" code "12345" is ranked third.

It should be noted that all three codes are extremely easy and can break very quickly. Even if alphanumeric characters were added, a Brute Force attack could reveal them very quickly.

Mixing numbers, letters and symbols can create a strong password for you, especially if you use multiple characters. The problem with these passwords, however, is that they are very difficult to memorize.

The list published by SplashData contains many codes like: "baseball," "dragon," "football," "mustang," "access," "master," "michael," "superman," "xNUMX," and "batman. of them is no more safe than the first three. In a Brute Force attack, they are still among the first to test the software automatically.

A large array of varied characters requires more effort and time to break, thus discouraging the hacker. Who can remember these codes?

Especially if you have too many online accounts, and you do not want to use the same password everywhere, the problem grows. One solution is password management software that usually carries a built-in code generator. Several such applications are available, both free and for free. If you are in the process of selecting an application, be sure to be a trusted company.

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