Google's break-up suggests the European Parliament to the European Commission

Whatever prevents the development of the single digital European market - and the influx of 260 billion euros a year - has called for MEPs to be eliminated by adopting an extensive proposal, with 384 votes in favor, 174 v and 56 abstentions.
Google Google Google
Among other things, the European Parliament has decided that "the abuse of the dominant position of online search companies in the market" should be avoided, calling on the Commission to consider releasing this activity from other commercial services. OR Google holds the 90% of the European online search market, and the Commission has for years been investigating complaints about unfair practices. According to the European Parliament's official announcement on the enforcement of European regulations in internet search companies, "the online search market has particular is important to ensure competition in the digital single market and welcomes the Commission's commitment to further explore search engine practices. the resolution calls on the Commission to "Prevent any unfair practices in the marketing of interconnected services by search engines", stressing that "impartiality and transparency in the indexing, evaluation, presentation and classification of content by search engines is required". As search engines "can become access controllers" but also because of their ability to "commercially exploit the secondary exploitation of the information they receive" the European Parliament ytes also call on the Commission "to consider proposals for the release of search engines from other commercial services, as long-term average."

The Telecoms Package

MEPs emphasize that "equal treatment in online data traffic must be applied without discrimination, limitation or interference" and calls on the Member States to start negotiations on the telecoms package which will "put an end to roaming charges of the EU will provide greater legal certainty as regards the neutrality of the network and will improve consumer protection in the digital single market. "

Common standards for cloud computing

MEPs urge the Commission to take the lead in promoting international standards and standards for cloud computing to ensure that it respects privacy, is reliable and affordable, interoperable, safe and energy efficient. Technology

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