Spotify launches Premium Duo

Spotify has launched the Premium Duo service for couples who want to enjoy music together.

Spotify already offers a Premium program for both single users and families, and considering that the family program already costs less than two individual programs, you might think that it has covered its entire range of customers.

However, the music streaming service still seems to disagree today announced the Premium Duo, a project for couples wanting to enjoy music together.

Serving as a kind of middle ground between individual and family programs, the Premium Duo supports two accounts with Premium features, such as listening to music without ads, offline playback, and on-demand playback.

In terms of price, the Premium Duo program has some benefits, especially if you are already using the Premium Family with only two users. It costs € 8,99 per month, which is less than the Premium Family program, but also more expensive than the individual Premium program.

Spotify says it conducted a survey of its users and found that 73% of couples listen to music together as a way to remember their shared experiences, while 63% do so to “build their identity and create memorable moments. ”.

Based on these data, it seems reasonable that there is a market for a project for couples, although it remains to be seen how well it will go. If you are already using Spotify Premium, you can change the program in your account settings. Otherwise, you can learn more about it Premium Duo from here .

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