Spyrix Keylogger 11.5.34 free key logging

Spyrix Keylogger is a free keystroke logger that allows logging and every click.

The freeware can also periodically record screenshots of programs used on your computer so you can keep track of all the activities that are running on your computer. Spyrix Keylogger, iguru

The Spyrix Keylogger application will generate reports containing programs running on your system.

The application's website states that it does not comply with any form of espionage except one:

"It's unethical to spy on people to steal from them, but spying on your children using parental control software to know about their online activities can be important."

Spyrix Keylogger Key Features:

Remote tracking through a secure web account: Sign in to your secure account at from any computer to view the recorded data. Unlike competing software, you don't need to have access to the computer you're watching.

Keylogger (keyboard capture) View all recorded keystrokes even when removed.
100% undetectable by antivirus software: Anti-virus and anti-spyware applications often detect and block surveillance applications such as Spyrix Keylogger Free.
This keylogger is completely hidden from anti-virus, anti-rootkit and anti-spyware software.
Keylogger is not detected by antivirus when updating or scanning the system because it has special algorithms that allow it to hide.

Remote management from any point and any (PC, tablet, smartphone)
Remote Uninstallation: You can remove Spyrix Keylogger Free from your computer remotely - via a secure web account.
Application Activities: See all running applications.
Screenshots: Her recording s allows the viewing of the activity of your children and employees on the computer and the Internet
User ActivitySpyrix Keylogger Free: records her and when the computer is used and by whom
Analytics module
Tracking Removable Trays (USB, HDD, SD)
Printer tracking

Download Spyrix Keylogger

Software such as those developed by Spyrix Software should only be used on family computers. Their installation on unauthorized devices is prosecuted by law.


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Spyrix Keylogger, iguru

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