spyse | Discover hidden subdomains

All Spyse online services are represented by thematic services that have a single platform for collecting, processing and gathering information.

Supported APIs

Installation and upgrade

pip3 install spyse.py

pip3 install –no-cache-dir spyse.py


usage: spyse [-h] [-target TARGET] [-param PARAM] [-page PAGE] [-apikey APIKEY] [–raw] [–dns-ptr] [–dns-soa] [–dns-mx] [ –Dns-aaaa] [–dns-ns] [–dns-a] [–dns-txt] [–dns-all] [–domains-with-same-ns] [–domains-using-as-mx] [ –Domains-on-ip] [–domains-with-same-mx] [–domains-using-as-ns] [–download-dns-aaaa] [–download-dns-soa] [–download-dns-ns ] [–Download-dns-ptr] [–download-dns-mx] [–download-dns-a] [–download-dns-txt] [–download-dns-all] [–ip-port-lookup] [ –Ip-port-lookup-aggregate] [–ssl-certificates] [–subdomains]

Client for Spyse.com

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-target TARGET target
-param PARAM parameter to use (ip, domain, cidr, url, hash)
-page PAGE page
-apikey APIKEY set the api key
–Raw show raw json
–Dns-ptr show dns ptr records
–Dns-soa show dns soa records
–Dns-mx show dns mx records
–Dns-aaaa show dns aaaa records
–Dns-ns show dns ns records
–Dns-a show dns a records
–Dns-txt show dns txt records
–Dns-all show all dns records
show domains with same ns
show domains using as mx
–Domains-on-ip show domains on ip
show domains with same mx
show domains using as ns
–Download-dns-aaaa download dns aaaa records
–Download-dns-soa download dns soa records
–Download-dns-ns download dns ns records
–Download-dns-ptr download dns ptr records
–Download-dns-mx download dns mx records
–Download-dns-a download dns a records
–Download-dns-txt download dns txt records
–Download-dns-all download all dns records
–Ip-port-lookup show ip port lookup
show ip port lookup aggregate
–Ssl-certificates show ssl certificates associated with a target
–Subdomains show subdomains

Usage: spyse -target hackerone.com –subdomains

Video guide



You can download the program from here.

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