SS7 how to hear every phone conversation from every device

SS7 or Signaling System 7: Two journalists from '60 minutes' wanting to find out how secure our phones are they asked professionals at Security Research Labs to hack the του Ted Lieu, μέλος του Κογκρέσσου και της επιτροπής της s for IT Oversight and Reform who agreed to be the group's guinea pig.spy eyes SS7

The professionals of Security Research Labs have proved that no device is secure, since they can access "secure" data with only one phone number.

With the phone number alone, the team was able to hear and record Lieu phone calls, track all its movements, see its contacts, and create a log of all incoming and outgoing calls.

The best; …the hack performed on Lieu's device can work on any phone, from any carrier, any σύστημα, και όλα αυτά χάρη σε ένα ελάττωμα ασφαλείας σε ένα which you have probably never heard of.

Signaling System 7 (or Signaling System 7 - SS7) is a global network that connects all telephone operators around the world in a single node.

The hack exploits a known security flaw in SS7, which has proven to be relatively difficult to determine due to the way the 7 Signaling System works.

Currently, the 7 Signaling System is used by all cellular networks in the world, so vulnerability affects all devices from any provider around the world.

Are you still wondering how the NSA can monitor us?

For technical details read the PDF below.

Signaling System 7 or SS7 PDF The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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