StackOverflow more developers use Linux than MacOS

Justin Garrison works at Amazon Web Services on the Kubernetes team (and was a senior systems engineer on several animated films).

This week it hit a new milestone for Linux in developer research StackOverflow 2022:


Among the developers surveyed, Linux as the primary operating system has been steadily rising over the past 5 years. 2018 to 2021 saw steady growth with 23.2%, 25.6%, 26.6%, 25.3%, and finally in 2022 the use of the operating system reached 40,23%. Linux usage was higher than macOS usage in 2021.

Their final stats for the “professional use” OS:

Windows: 48,82%
Linux-based: 39,89%
MacOs: 32,97%

But Garrison's blog post says the percentages don't include them millions of people who use Linux-based cloud development environments (like GitHub Workspace) — not to mention 15% of WSL users on Windows and all users of Docker (which uses a Linux VM).

"It's safe to say that more people use Linux as part of their development workflow than any other operating system." The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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