Stop training models more powerful than ChatGPT-4

Artificial intelligence experts, industry leaders and researchers are calling on AI developers to immediately stop training models more powerful than the latest version of OpenAI's ChatGPT (4).

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More than 1.100 people from the industry have signed a petition calling on labs to stop training their powerful AI systems for at least six months so that common security protocols can be developed.

Prominent figures in the tech community, such as Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, are signing the petition, although their participation could not be immediately verified.

"In recent months we've seen AI labs locked in an out-of-control race to develop increasingly powerful digital minds that no one — not even their creators — can reliably understand, predict or control," the open letter said. that was published on the Future of Life Institute website.

"Strong artificial intelligence systems should only be developed when we are sure that their results will be positive and their risks will be manageable."

Some of the signatures available:

Joshua Bengio, Founder and Scientific Director at Mila, Turing Prize winner and professor at University of Montreal

Stuart Russell, Berkeley, Professor of Computer Science, director of the Center for Intelligent Systems, and co-author of the standard textbook “Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach”

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, Tesla & Twitter

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder, Apple

Yuval Noah Harari, Author and Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Andrew Yang, Forward Party, Co-Chair, Presidential Candidate 2020, NYT Bestselling Author, Presidential Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship

Connor Leahy, CEO, Conjecture

Jaan Tallinn, Co-Founder of Skype, Center for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Life Institute

Evan Sharp, Co-Founder, Pinterest

Chris Larsen, Co-Founder, Ripple

Emad Mostaque, CEO, Stability AI

Valerie Pisano, President & CEO, MILA The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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