Starlink: New rectangular dish with better features

Starlink is giving a new rectangular dish to new orders in the US, which is smaller, lighter and has a WiFi router with IP54 protection.

starlink plate

Starlink's internet satellite service has changed the satellite dish it used to offer and now offers a new rectangular, smaller and lighter dish. The new dish is currently limited to US customers.

During the entire "Better Than Nothing Beta" test, which began a year ago, Starlink users were confined to a 58 cm wide, 7-pound circular plate, accompanied by a WiFi router with all the necessary cables and presented from time to time various problems. That is changing now as Starlink prepares to launch a new dish with a different shape, size and specification.

The new rectangular plate It is 30 cm wide and 48 cm long and weighs about 4 kg, making it not only much smaller but also lighter, which can be useful for those who try to place it in inaccessible places. This new dish also offers new mounting options that allow users to install it on a vertical wall, roof or even on a pipe or pole.

In addition to the dish, the new Starlink kit also comes with a 3x3 MU-MIMO WiFi router with IP54 protection (water resistant), but remains for indoor use. Unlike the older router, the power supply of the new router is built-in and strangely does not have a built-in Ethernet port. The latter can be solved by purchasing an Ethernet adapter through the Starlink store.

Like the original kit, the new kit should also cost $ 499, so there's a good chance Starlink will sell them at a loss. THE Starlink president Guinea Sotwell (Gwynne Shotwell) said the new kits cost just under $ 1.500, adding that SpaceX "has just released a new version that saves about $ 200 in costs."

The new kit is available for "all new orders placed in the United States," but seeing how long waiting times are due to increased demand may take some time for customers to pick up the new dish.

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It should also be noted that Elon Musk had stated that Starlink will be officially released in October, at least in America, marking the end of the "Better Than Nothing Beta" program. The thing is, we are already in the middle of November and we have not yet seen an announcement from the internet satellite service.

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