Starlink gives you portability

Can you imagine having a Starlink internet connection and moving it from your home to your cottage or campsite? It's done now.

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Starlink's Internet-from-SpaceX service has become mobile, as it now has Portability. For an additional monthly fee, Starlink subscribers can now take their "dish" under their armpits and go anywhere on their home continent, as long as they active internet coverage is provided.

This opens up connectivity to remote locations that will probably never be covered by 5G. It gives you the opportunity to go on vacation to Gavdos or to climb to the top of Taygetos (as the saying goes) and to carry your internet with you.

Starlink does not yet support driving use, but the company says it is actively working on a solution for moving vehicles, such as caravans, etc. Musk had published in the past on Twitter about trying to find a solution that can connect the entire system to a car's 12 V lighter and maintain connectivity. Of course, this did not stop some vehicle owners to Try Starlink in Cars | moving, with varying degrees of success.

Power consumption is an important factor to consider when drawing power from your vehicle's battery. Starlink reportedly draws between 60-70W, according to Jeff Geerling's blog, which shows an improvement over the 80-100W it consumed a year ago.

Starlink reports that users who have registered the portability service will prioritize network resources. Existing Starlink customers can add "Portability" from their account page, which is then activated immediately.

For America it costs an extra $ 25 every month, in addition to monthly subscriptions starting at $ 110. Include in these costs a one-time purchase of equipment at a cost of $ 599.

All this in America. In Greece we are still waiting for it. If and when you come here, the costs will be the following:

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