Static malware analysis with PEpper

PEpper is an open source tool for performing static malware analysis on Portable Executable.




root @ kali: ~ # git clone

root @ kali: ~ # cd PEpperroot @ kali: ~ # pip3 install -r requirements.txt

root @ kali: ~ # python3 ./malware_dir



CSV output

Application features

  • Suspicious entropy of ratio
  • Suspect names ratio
  • Suspicious sizes of codes
  • Suspect debugging time-stamp
  • Numbers from at export
  • Numbers from anti-debugging calls
  • Numbers from virtual-machine detection calls
  • Numbers from suspicious API calls
  • Numbers from suspicious strings
  • Numbers from YARA rules
  • Numbers from URL who discovers
  • Numbers from IP who discovers

And much more…


  • Can be run in single or multiple PE (placed in a directory)
  • The output of the results will be saved (in the same directory) as output.csv
  • To use VirusTotal scan, add your private key to "" (Internet connection required)

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