down the self-inventory system

For quite some time now, we have been trying to enter the population census page of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, as self-enumerators. THE σελίδα not working. screenshot 2021 11 21 20 37 04

Displays the Apache Tomcat error code, which by the way is in ancient version 7 while version 10 is being released.

From here you can see the known vulnerabilities of version 7.

As for the page, delays, errors 500, 404 and not linked. So there is no inventory.
screenshot 2021 11 21 20 40 12

This on the one hand can be good, because after all the above who is sure about the security of the data he will submit? Once again resilient, but we have digital governance.

Slow server ?, old software? too much traffic due to holiday? Whatever the reason, they are unacceptable.

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