SteamPunks: The first KeyGen to protect Denuvo

SteamPunks: Ένα release που εμφανίστηκε από το πουθενά, κατάφερε να σπάσει το δημοφιλές παιχνίδι Dishonored 2 αλλά με ένα τρόπο πολύ διαφορετικό από άλλους. Το άγνωστο group SteamPunks κυκλοφόρησε το πρώτο KeyGen (από το Key ) για άδειες της .

It is known that the protection offered by the anti-piracy by Denuvo, is the best out there at the moment, and the cracking methods presented so far have not been perfect.SteamPunks

DISHONORED.2-STEAMPUNKS, released on top-site and released for the first time in the tent rather marks the beginning of the end of the protection of Denuvo.

The cracking scene, as it is known, keeps its gates closed for the general public, and the main players are groups we know from the past: ZWT, Core, DEViANCE, FAiRLiGHT, RELOADED, Razor 1911 and many others. The new SteamRunks group appears to be out of nowhere but on the other hand the crackers or the cracker behind it are probably relevant from the scene.

Traffic nfo shows that the band's members were related to the scene, as the record seems to have been created by a relative.

But what does the Dishonored 2 keygen do? The SteamPunks version contains code that allows the user to produce Denuvo licenses per hardware, that is, for each computer he uses.

Let's mention that creating a keygen requires a lot of programming or reverse engineering skills. The key maker instead of tampering with a few bytes of some dll or exe to bypass the dubious protection , he will have to read and analyze all the code of the functional-game to find out under what factors a key is created that unlocks all the functions of the program. So there are many crackers, but few keygeners, as the whole process takes time and knowledge. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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