Send Christmas cards and greetings with your face

Santa-Me Movio is an online app where you can create free personalized Christmas cards using your own face and artificial intelligence. It also supports free video production.

santa me movie

If you want to wish Christmas in a completely different way, try it for free Santa-Me Movio website. He can email you a personalized card, featuring your face as Santa and with your own customized wishes.

It does not require experience or graphic skills, since you simply upload a photo of yourself and write your personal wishes. The program through artificial intelligence undertakes to do all the work. It finds and copies your face from the photo you uploaded, adapts it using artificial intelligence to existing template greeting cards and writes your own text on them.

Finally, you give him the email address you want him to send it to. The process does not require registration or subscription. It's completely free.

In addition, you can create a video based on this card for free and download it for further use or deliver via WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media.

In our tests, putting photos of various political figures and writing corresponding wishes or sayings, it seems that the AI ​​works quite well and the result is satisfactory. But don't get any prank ideas. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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