Google Executive: You should not trust Apple with your life


Michael T. Jones, Google Technology Leader, in a recent interview with ABC News in Australia, spoke about Apple, whom he praised, and said that users can trust it with their personal data. However, she said that by using her maps they put their lives at risk.

When asked if users should trust companies such as Apple and Google with all their personal data, Jones replied:

I certainly trust both Apple and Google but also Microsoft. They are not corrupt organizations, they are companies that try to serve you.

However, I think you should worry if you use Apple's maps to go somewhere. To be honest, you put your life at risk.

Jones probably mentioned in the recent incident that happened in Australia, where some travelers were lost when Apple's maps led them to the wrong route. The Australian police after the incident warned citizens not to use them.

The story will surely become funny at Google's offices, but apparently Jones and his companion probably did not get news that the Australian police have declared Google's maps as dangerous.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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