Stella Vita: The first fully solar caravan

The Stella Vita is the first mobile caravan in the world that moves and is electrically serviced with energy obtained only from the sun.

stella vita

Electric vehicles are becoming more common and so a group of students in the Netherlands went to caravans. Twenty-two students from the Dutch University of Technology Eindhoven created the first caravan in the world with only solar energy. With pop-up side panels and a pop-up roof for more space, offering a range of 450 miles.

It has no thermal engine, either diesel or petrol, and instead, the entire Stella Vita vehicle is self-supporting, thanks to its design and multiple large arrays of solar panels on the roof. The emerging sides give the owners more space and shade, and they also have solar panels on top. All of these combine to provide enough battery power for endless adventures.

As you can see, it may not be the most beautiful electric vehicle, but it is quite large. The curved design is sloping backwards, giving them enough space for larger solar panels and less resistance for an improved eMPG.

Inside, you will find a comfortable space with a spacious cooking area and a refrigerator, not to mention a bathroom, sofa and other full-size bed. All this is powered by solar energy.

Every aspect of the design aims to maximize the use of space, so that it is as comfortable as possible. Like the common caravans available today, the Stella Vita has plenty of windows for plenty of light.

The side doors give users easy access to the cabin, while there are two other doors at the rear for quick access to the rooftop bed.

Unfortunately, there are no details about the battery or propulsion system that powers the Stella Vita caravan. The team, however, confirmed that if it is a nice sunny day, it can travel over 453 miles on a single charge, although it will take a few days to fully recharge.

The Solar Team Eindhoven is currently in the middle of a long caravan road trip to test its potential. It may take several years for this vehicle to become a consumer product.

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