Stephen Hawking The particle of God could wipe out the universe

In a preface to his new book, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking seems to be afraid that the Higgs boson may become unstable, causing a complete destruction in the universe.

Stephen Hawking

Ο Stephen Hawking has warned us from time to time about various bad things that can happen to us. Attack by aliens destroying the earth, intelligent intelligence machines could repeat the Terminator scenario. But his warnings do not seem to stop at land level only, since, according to what he understands, a threat could not only bring the end to the Earth but also to the entire universe.

As reported by the British Sunday Times, Hawking is worried about God's particle or Higgs Boson. You already know the Higgs boson, discovered by physicists during his experiments CERN. It is a vital component that can explain why things in our world have mass.

Stephen Hawking, in a foreword to a new book called "Starmus" - a collection of lectures by famous scientists and astronomers - states that he is concerned that the Higgs boson may become unstable.

"The Higgs potential has the worrisome feature that it might become metastable at energies above 100bn gigaelectronvolts (GeV)."

"The Higgs potential has a worrying characteristic that could become unstable at energies over 100 billion gigaelectronvolts (GeV)."

What could this bring? Hawkins explained: "This could mean that the universe could suffer a catastrophic vacuum, like a bubble of real vacuum expanding at the speed of light. This could happen at any time and we would not see it coming." .

Before preparing your loved ones for the evacuation of the planet, Hawking also gives a positive message, with an ironic smile: "A particle accelerator that reaches 100 billion GeV will be larger than the Earth, and is unlikely to be funded with existing economic conditions". The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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  1. An alien attack that will destroy the earth,

    Hawking himself accepts that there are no aliens within 100 light years. If they existed our technology would have detected them. But if there is their presence on earth, it is not necessary for them to disturb us, on the contrary, they should cooperate with us. Their technology to get this far would be better than ours. Why else would they make such a long journey.

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