Stephen Hawking's new statements that will outrage the Church

Stephen HawkingCould the human mind continue to live even after the death of the body? It sounds like science fiction, but the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking recently said that technology could make it possible.

"I think the brain is like a program in the mind, which is like a computer," he said. Hawking said last week during an appearance at the Cambridge Film Festival, according to The Telegraph. "So it is theoretically possible to copy the brain to a computer and thus provide a form of posthumous life."

He acknowledged that this was "beyond our reach", adding that "The afterlife is a fairy tale for people who are afraid of the dark."

Hawking, 71 years ago, made these statements at an event that featured the premiere of a new documentary about his life.

The great scientist has spoken in the past about what he calls the "fairy tale" of heaven and the afterlife. By likening the human brain to a broken computer, he said, "There is no paradise or afterlife for damaged computers."

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