Stickered: new application for Facebook stickers in your photos

We all use them Facebook stickers, those hundreds of great icons we first met through chat and then we saw them appear in commentaries on the publications. Now we will use them even more, since the new application Stickered for Messenger allows us to place stickers inside the photos easy and easy!


The standalone app is currently available for Android devices and will soon be for iOS devices. Through the app, we can open old photos or take new photos, and then place one of the hundreds of stickers and / or text in the photos.stickered facebook

The process is quite easy, with the user interface containing the most necessary for the application to function. What you may need to know about the application is how you can you crawl stickers and text with one finger and make them you grow up, you're getting smaller ή turn around using your two fingers.

After preparing your pictures, you can either send them directly to a friend of your Facebook via Messenger by clicking on the appropriate icon, or by clicking the icon save on the device and transfer them to another device or use them in another application. The choice is yours!

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