LG in Times Square the planet in 3D

LG's giant ultra-high resolution digital billboard in New York's Times Square displays stunning 3D content, conveying the message that life is better when we care about the environment.

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The digital show not only highlights the importance of LG's commitment to zero carbon footprint by 2030, but also the family-friendly message Life's Good for All Lives, which reminds the public that climate change is not just a human problem, but affects every living organism on Earth.

The new message from LG "embraces" all living beings and is presented with an emerging 3D view on a billboard, located at the northeast corner of 45th Street and 7th Avenue.

Featuring a 90-degree curve in its design, the high-resolution display offers unforgettable graphics that enliven LG's Life's Good philosophy, inspiring all passers-by to take a more active role in protecting the Earth.

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Environmental 3D content will continue throughout the year, with content updated every six months.

Since its commitment to zero carbon footprint in 2019, LG has been implementing various initiatives, which go hand in hand with its promise to fulfill its commitments by the date it has set as a goal.

By 2030, LG is well on its way to reducing carbon emissions from its global business by 50 percent compared to 2017 figures, while expanding its use of renewable energy sources.

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LG's electronic billboard in Times Square is one of the most popular tourist attractions and unique due to its ability to reach 50 million people every year.

Very few external platforms can claim to "capture" so many pairs of eyes. And to keep things interesting, LG adds new content to it quite often, so that anyone in the area is encouraged to go through to see all the interesting things the company is doing in Times Square.

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