AADE targets Greek influencers

The AADE starts checks for tax evasion on Greek influencers but also on companies that sell products via the internet at tempting prices.

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The Independent Public Revenue Authority is tightening its grip around well-known Greek influencers, as the first will start checks for possible tax evasion.

The control method is a bit strange and sophisticated, since the AADE will compare whether the luxury products presented by the influencers are related to the incomes they declare to the tax office.

Essentially due to the lack of real control, the service will compare whether the luxurious life presented on social media by influencers is consistent with the incomes they declare. No one can post a single photo of the new jeep anymore!

The auditors are expected to collect data from posts made by "content producers" on popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. and more specifically they will check photos of influencers with luxury products.

In this way, AADE wants to establish whether the luxurious life they live and constantly advertise, due to the content of their work on social media, is related to the incomes they declare to the tax office!.

The control of the companies will be carried out on those who do not declare a physical presence, have not started operations at the tax office, do not keep books but do not keep data and yet sell products on social media at tempting prices.

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