3 search services for TV shows and streaming movies

If you want to watch a movie or TV show at home, either on your computer, on another device or on your TV, you will have a lot more choices today.

You all know the method streaming with very high popularity in recent years. As long as your Internet connection is fast enough to handle the stream, it is very easy to access TV shows and movies.streaming streaming streaming streaming

There are disadvantages, however. One downside is that there is no single service that offers access to all the TV shows or movies available.

This means you have to check different websites and services to find out if the show or movie you are interested in is available.

There is Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus for example, other websites and services like iTunes, with different listings and different prices.

The enormous number of options available has fueled the rise of search engines for streaming media. IGuRu.gr lists three options you can use to find out where to watch a show or a movie.

1. Where to watch

Supported web sites and services are: Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Flixster, Paramount Movies, Bravo Now, CNBC Full Episodes, E! Now, Esquire TV Now, Oxygen Now, Sprout Now, Syfy Now, ABC, ABC Family, Disney Movies Anywhere, Vudu, Xbox Video, Sundance Now, SnagFilms, Fandor, Wolfe on Demand, Target Ticket, Movies On Demand, Reelhouse, IndieFlix

You can use the search engine to find shows or movies based on their name, the director or an actor. Results are categorized into groups such as movies or TV shows.

The results show a brief description, with some of the main factors. Price information is also reported, with the exception of services requiring subscription if there is no need to report a price.

2. Can I Stream.it?

Supported websites and services: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Crackle, YouTube, Epix, Xfinity Streampix, Snagfilms, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Sony Entertainment Network, Ticket.

Can I Stream.it supports several options, including: streaming, digital rental and digital in-market shopping.

If you are looking for TV shows, you can have lists of all episodes along with short summaries.

Pricing information refers to some services, but not to services that require subscription.

3. Go Watch It

Supported sites and services: Neflix, Redbox, Amazon, iTunes, Movies on Demand, Youtube, Google Play.

The service is limited to movies. Lists popular movies, not TV shows. You can find several playlists.

Do you know any other search engine? Share it with us in the comments.

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