Streamus for Chrome: Turns YouTube into a serious music service

Many of us use YouTube to listen to a song occasionally, especially if we do not subscribe to a real music service such as Spotify or Google Music. An extension of Chrome, however, called Streamus, turning the website into a legitimate music service that will pop up in your browser.Streamus

The Streamus extension is rather a feature that Google should develop itself. But the application was developed by someone who left his job in the company to deal only with expansion expansion. The developer reports to Reddit, that he has been working on this project for more than three years.

The extension has been developed with Google's design language and lets you search for any song on YouTube through a popup window. You can add it to a playlist and listen to it without having to have a tab on YouTube.

Expansion does much more than you can imagine. For example, once you've created a playlist, you can share it with your friends through a URL as you would expect from a regular music service.

The extension also offers a radio service, just like Spotify or Pandora do. Online radio automatically selects songs similar to the ones you listen to and plays them for you.

You are also able to queue songs from the internet with just right click on them, which makes it easy to listen all day.

You can try the extension from here.

The Streamus does not require YouTube's YouTube Music Key service to work. It works fine with the old good YouTube.

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