Street View: Create photos of 360 degrees with your smartphone

Make it easy with Street View! Flat two-dimensional photos are an old story. The Future is the 360 Gradient Photos that let you see what's happening around the frame.

At the moment you can share the 360 ​​degree photos from Facebook for your friends to see. Unlike 360 ​​videos, they can be easily created using the phone you already have.iphone 360 street view

Let's see how it works:

First, you need to have an application. The best that is currently out there is Google Street View for Android ή iOS, but you can also use the Photo Sphere of your Android camera or Surround Shot on Samsung devices.

Street View has a large orange icon. Pressing it will access your camera, so the application will guide you through the process.

Basically, you have to stand in one place and start taking pictures until you fill the ball at the bottom.360

  Windows 11 available on more compatible devices

The images come automatically when you are in a specified position (you do not have to press the shutter button), and once you're done, the app will do all the hard work of editing.

If you have Google Photos installed you will be able to see the photo of the 360 degrees you've created in all its splendor.

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