Application of the London Museum adds old downloads to modern photos

It is called the Streetmuseum and is the "time-consuming" application of the London Museum, which allows the user to travel to the past through the photos he takes to the city.


The aim of the museum was to create an application that presents the changes that the city has undergone over the years. Whether it's a first-time visitor for the British capital or a native country, the iOS and Android app promises to offer a unique browsing experience between yesterday and today.

"Travel" in time

All that the user has to do is to select from the application map the point in which he is in London and with the help of GPS to find an historic shot that he could "marry" in his photo. Keeping his cell phone up high so as to "capture" the current face of that street, he can then look through the "window" of time and see how he was in the past.

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Well-dressed men and women with long dresses and hats are walking on the sidewalks, bikes, wagons and age-old vehicles on the road, and the buildings make "face-ups" turning back time. Incorporating the 19 and 20 century downloads in his "fresh" photographs, the user bridges yesterday with today, offering himself and his friends a unique aesthetic result with a history of flavor and a nostalgic flavor.

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