subfinder Find subdomains easily and quickly!

SubFinder is a subdomain detection tool that uses various techniques to discover all subdomains from any page. SubFinder is the successor to sublist3r.

It searches through many sources such as pastebin as well as various search engines and can also run a simple bruteforce if needed. The tool is extremely easy and its code is designed with an easy approach that makes it easy to add functions and remove errors.



  • Simple and basic code that makes it easy to use
  • Fast and efficient analysis of results
  • Edited sources to maximize the accuracy of results
  • Optimized in speed but very fast and light in resources
  • Stdin and stdout support for workflow integration

Changelog v2.3.3

  • Add rapiddns
  • Add zoom
  • Add dnsdb
  • Add AlienVault OTX
  • Add Sublist3r


go get


./subfinder –h


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