Subs4free block what does DNS blocking mean

Subs4free how was the block done? Recently, at the request of the Society for the Protection of Audiovisual Works (EPOE), a newly established Committee for the Internet Infringement of Intellectual Property issued a directive to local Internet service providers to block certain websites for violating copyright law.Subs4free

The result; 38 websites, including Pirate Bay, websites with movie subtitles and movie streaming no longer appear in browsers operating in Greece.

We will not discuss the government decision, but I believe that sometimes there are reasons you should get on websites that the government, your ISP or your employer does not want. Below we will see what is DNS filtering or blocking.

DNS filtering or blocking is a common method of denying access to specific websites.

Let's see how it works.

Each page is hosted on a server that has an IP address. For example, Facebook's IP is

If you enter these numbers in the browser you are using, you will go to the Facebook page (it may not work if your ISP has disabled the feature).

However, IP addresses are not very user friendly. It is easier to remember than Therefore, the inventors of the Internet also created a directory called the Domain Name System or DNS.

The DNS service translates domains into IP addresses so you do not have to remember numbers. Each ISP (eg OTE, etc.) has its own DNS servers (DNS Servers) that act as telephone directories for their subscribers.

Each time you enter a web page address in your browser, your browser first asks your ISP "directory" for the IP address of that web page. Once it understands the IP address, it will load the site for you.

By blocking DNS, the ISP simply removes (or redirects) the registration of these Web sites from its directory.

So when you try to load one of the blocked pages, your browser will display a blank page, or an error message, or redirect you to another address, as was the case with the last block of 38 web pages that redirect to the page. of the Commission for the Internet Infringement of Intellectual Property.

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OPI is a legal entity under private law based in Athens (5 Metsovou Street) and is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. THE OPI was established in accordance with article 69 of Law 2121/1993 on "Intellectual Property, Related Rights and Cultural Issues" (Government Gazette A / 25/1993) in conjunction with Presidential Decree 311/1994 (Government Gazette A / 165/1994) with article 8 par. 13 and 14 L.2557 / 1997 (Government Gazette A / 217/1997), as well as with article 7 par. 13 L.2819 / 2000 (Government Gazette A / 84/2000). The Organization is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors.


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