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Subs4free and not only, with Opera: Following the announcement of the decision of the Internet Copyright Infringement (IPPC) that "cuts" access to the well-known Subs4free website and 39 other related websites, the online community is looking for new ways to connect.

Lately, however, we have found that too many users find it difficult to change the DNS on their system. Below we will see how you can connect to any of the above mentioned.

Block by providers is a well-known technique used by copyright holders to define their jurisdiction.
The industry (see Hollywood) maintains and seeks to safeguard laws that were passed long before the advent of the internet, a platform that promotes the circulation of information and changed everything we knew.

You must first download the Opera browser if you are not already using it. Download it last edition.

Immediately after installation open the application and go to settings, click on Opera this link for immediate transition.

  Internet revolution and security by Google's Eric Schmidt

Activate the VPN (which is not a VPN) and click on the icon we have marked in the image belowSubs4free

Click on the VPN that exists before the address bar. In the window that will open, select America, and you are ready.

Now try to link to the page for example

Note that the connection to the Opera browser is not needed for the new domain as so far it seems to work.


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