Subs4free subdomain: connection without DNS change

Following the announcement of the Internet Right of Intellectual Property Inquiry (EAPPI) ruling that closes along with other 38 webpages of similar content, the online community has begun to look for new ways of interconnection.

Yes, the well-known mouse cat game, came to Greece. The block from internet service providers is a well-known technique used by copyright holders to define their jurisdiction.

In earlier publications, we mentioned the exclusion of web pages, one of which was the well-known, a page that supports subtitle translators.

Although in previous publications we provided alternative ways to connect for 38 pages that have been blocked, this page does not seem to need anything from all of this, since you can access through a sub-domain that mirrors the content of

So you can visit the address, without changing the DNS, and you will see the "blocked" page.

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