The Lunar Mission One funding campaign has been successfully launched

The first goal set by British Lunar Missions Ltd has been successfully crowned to ensure that ordinary people receive the necessary funds for a 2024 robotic mission on the Moon. That's because the fundraising campaign kicked off in mid-November by the company at Kickstarter was successful. So he managed by donating thousands of people to secure the 600.000 British pounds (about 750.000 euros) needed to start preparing the "trip" to the moon.Lunar Mission One

The mission, which is called Lunar Mission One, provides for the landing of an unmanned vessel, which will dig into the lunar subsoil at depths of 100 meters, to study lunar rocks of 45,5 age of billions of years. In addition to its scientific part, the purpose of Lunar Mission One is also to inspire as many young people as possible to engage in science and space exploration.

"The mission is a completely independent initiative that is not controlled by any state agency," said Ian Taylor, chairman of the Chair of Lunar Missions Ltd, commenting on the success of the campaign. "The project will be based on public support, but also on the skills and experience of some of the world's best scientists and engineers. Having today achieved our first goal, we celebrate the beginning of an 10 adventure of collaboration, innovation and exploration. "

Donors surpassed 7.000, coming from 70 countries. At the same time, the project found its way backed by famous personalities from aerospace and science. Indicatively, one of those who congratulated Lunar Mission One officials was Steven Hawking, perhaps the world's most famous physicist.

"What happened today is the first step to creating a new tradition of space exploration. The mission brings space exploration to people, and I have no doubt that young and older people will find inspiration from the passion and ambition of those involved in the project. As it is a truly scientific venture, I wish nothing more than success in the years to come, "he said.


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