Sunseeker Duo with two people over the Alps

2009, its president Solar Flight Mr. Eric Raymond flew Sunseeker II solar-powered plane over the Alps several times. sunseeker duo

This August, he dared the same di with his first two-seater Sunseeker Duo, which allowed him to take his wife Irena along as co-pilot.duo-alps-crossing

The Raymonds started from in Voghera, Italy on August 2 and began heading to Torino Aeritalia Airport. The next day, they flew to the Swiss mountain Mönch, and then landed at Munster-Geschinen Airport in Switzerland.

On August 7, they took off again and flew back to Voghera via the Matterhorn and the city of Genoa.

Her journey s took place in four hours, and the pair reached the maximum altitude of 4.545 meters. They report that they could have flown higher if the plane had a dual system U.

The solar aircraft has a wingspan of 22 meters and weighs 280 kilograms. Sta It has 1.510 solar panels collecting the sun's energy to store it in a lithium battery located in the fuselage.

The aircraft engine has a maximum power of 25kW.

It was the first solar-electric aircraft he managed to achieve with two people. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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