Watch 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' online

In the early hours of Monday, the 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' will take place, a total full moon eclipse where it will be visible from most of Greece.

Super Blood Wolf Moon

In our country, the entry of the Moon in the shadow of the Earth will begin early Monday morning, at 5:34 Greek time, with the moon at its west. The total phase of the eclipse will last about an hour and will be visible in Greece, except for some areas of southern and eastern Greece. The total phase will start at around 06:41 Greek time, will reach its maximum at 07:12 and will end at 07:43, always Greek time.

The name 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' is given because the Earth's shadow will cover the Moon and it will take on a red color visible to the human eye. The "Super" comes because the moon will be at the closest point of its orbit from the Earth and thus will look bigger.
As far as "Wolf Moon" is concerned, if you believe in popular beliefs or scripts by Holywood, then you will do well to bolster your home.

So, if you do not want to go out on the balcony because you are afraid of werewolves or if the sky is cloudy and the Moon is not visible to enjoy the phenomenon (most likely scenario), then you can see it online at one of the 5 sites below list. These sites are from various observatories, space networks and individual photographers in various locations on Earth. Let's go see.

1. The Virtual Telescope Project

It was founded by Italian astronomer Gianluca Masi and is run by the Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory. The Virtual Telescope Project brings together online livestreams from observatories around the world, including Rome.

2. Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles hosts a live stream of the phenomenon from the top of Mount Hollywood.


In addition to livestream, Timeanddate will include comments from Graham Jones.

4. Space & Universe Network
This is a YouTube community that caters to space lovers and hosts its own live stream for the eclipse.

5. Astronomy Live Stream

Watch the eclipse from Denver, Colorado through this link, which will most likely be taken by individual astrophotographers, rather than by a public observatory or institution.



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