Easily find the type of RAM that your system supports

You know that your system performance is dependent on the RAM installed on your computer. But what happens if RAM is not enough for you or if the boards that are installed on your system do not work properly?ram_1

If you are new to all of this, it may seem like a mountain. Your questions about what types of RAMs your computer supports is not easy to answer if you do not know where to look.

You need to know is that the supported types of memory RAM depend on the computer motherboard. This is why you should have the motherboard manual or the information provided to you by the motherboard manufacturer.

Most modern machines come without a printed motherboard manual. If you do not, or you can not find this DVD anymore, you still have other options, but you will need time to get the answers you need.

First, you need to find the manufacturer and model of the motherboard. Once you have this information, you can use a search engine to find the parent manual online. Most companies have a large list of manuals on their websites.

But let's make things easier.CPU-Z

We present you the application application CPU-Z. You can use other tools, such as the application Speccy ή HWINFO which will reveal the information you need

Note: The information can also be displayed during booting your computer or BIOS.

Download it portable (zip) version of the CPU-Z application, unzip it on your system and run the program

On the Motherboard you will find the important information you need for the manufacturer and the model. You can also check the motherboard version to find out if updates are available. These updates can make your motherboard support RAM types that are not supported by the original version.

In the Memory and SPD tabs you will learn more about the RAM already installed on your system. There you can find information about the size of each RAM, if there are any available slots for additional RAM, and the manufacturer of the RAM.

The motherboard in the above image is a board P55-USB3 manufactured by HP. Use a search engine to find the home motherboard's homepage. It is usually enough to look for the manufacturer and the model, for example. HP 183E.

After the search, he will end up on a page which you can find specifications that mention the supported RAM types.

The motherboard used in our system reports

ram 1

The important information is that it supports up to 8 Gb system memory, and it supports DDR3 RAM. If you search a bit more, you will find the supported MHz such as 2200, 1333, 1066 and 800 MHz.

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If the manufacturer's website does not list the information you need, you should download the parent manual.

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