Microsoft Surface Laptop 3: the screens break on their own

The owners of Laptop 3 της Microsoft 3 αναφέρουν ότι οι οθόνες των φορητών they are broken unnecessarily without being dropped, bumped or otherwise used of the ordinary.

There are many reports from owners of Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 for cracked screens for no apparent reason (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). The oldest report was 2 months ago and the newest 2 days ago.

Almost all owners say the same thing: they use their laptop normally, leave it overnight, and the next day, when they go to use it, they notice a crack in the like the one below.

Ενδεικτικό των παραπόνων είναι το μήνυμα ιδιοκτήτη που δημοσιεύτηκε στα φόρουμ της Microsoft μαζί με μία ωραία of his cracked screen: “I have a Surface laptop of 3, 15 inches and I have it for a month. I took it with me all over Asia and it was absolutely fine. "When I went to school and opened it in the classroom I saw a long capillary crack."

The company's response so far to interested owners is that they should send the laptop to Microsoft for a screen replacement, which will cost $ 500.

However, a Surface owner said Microsoft knows the reports and investigates the issue, but at the moment can not give a timeline for resolving the issue.

Such manufacturing problems are usually caused by how it was assembled , such as over-tightening screws, resulting in increased surface tension throughout the device, especially when the ambient temperature changes. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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