Surprise! Windows 11 on all PCs but without security updates

Microsoft announced yesterday a new CPU support list for Windows 11. However, the new list is really very short, as it only adds the Core i7-7820HQ Kaby Lake processor and no AMD Ryzen processor.

This may seem a bit strange as just a week before the official announcement of Microsoft, Asus started releasing an updated firmware compatible with Windows 11 for Intel Z270 series motherboards that are supposed to work perfectly with Intel 6th generation chips ( Skylake) and the 7th generation (Kaby Lake).angry

However, as we mentioned yesterday Microsoft will allow users to install the operating system on unsupported hardware using the Windows 11 ISO.

There is obviously a solution for installing Windows 11 on all older AMD systems, but Microsoft also says that devices that did not meet the minimum hardware requirements "had 52% more kernel errors" while devices that met the minimum hardware requirements specifications "had 99,8% better experience without a crash".

So here is a trap. Those who follow this path will be warned that their device is operating in an unsupported state.

It was not clear from the beginning what exactly Microsoft meant by that, but later clarified in The Verge that not all unsupported computers will be able to have Windows 11 updates, including critical security updates necessary to repair dangerous vulnerabilities.

Essentially, anyone wishing to test Windows 11 on an unsupported system should do so at their own risk, as Microsoft seems reluctant to make any effort to support such hardware.

Why so much darkness?

The best answer to why Windows 11 upgrades are becoming more and more confusing may be that the company wants to push Windows users to buy a new computer, whether they need it or not.

Yesterday, the company tried to reassure some of the users who do not want to give up their old hardware. But if this hinders Microsoft's plans, the company reserves the right to change whatever it wants.

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