"Suspected" 1 / 3 of Android apps in "third" app stores

About the 1 / 3 of apps for Android which are in "third" app stores (that is, other than the official Google Play) contain some kind of malware, according to Opswat cyber-security research.


The list seems to dominate "monkey" versions of popular applications such as Twitter and Angry Birds, as well as many "funny" applications of "one-time use".

The company downloaded approximately 12.000 application files from various sources beyond Google Play and loaded them into the Metascan system, which featured 32% as suspicious. Metascan works by using a variety of "libraries". Many of the files were flagged because they were listed as adware - which, as the company says, many do not consider "real malware".

"Regardless of how you designate suspicious files, you should be alert and check the application files before installing them. Since there is always a degree of risk when downloading an app from an App store or website, it's important to take the right precautions to secure your Android device. Testing with multiple anti-malware machines increases the chance of detecting a malicious Android app before installing it on your device, "says the company.


Source: naftemporiki.gr


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