Google makes it easier to switch from iOS to Android

Google is trying to attract more and more customers and since there are not many places where someone can target a buying audience, the company has turned its arrows to rival companies, making the transition from them to an Android device much easier .


Apple remains the main competitor of Google in the United States, although in the global market Android is by far the most commonly used mobile platform on the planet.

In any case, Apple users are planning to change platform and switch to a device Android will now be able to transfer their data to an Android device in three simple steps after updating Google Drive.

With the new built-in backup application, Google Drive for iOS, they can link their primary Google account to their smartphone. Then, through the Menu / Settings / Backup, they can back up their data.

Google Drive will gather all the data from a smartphone and store it so you can get it from a corresponding app.

For example, during the backup process, all contacts, photos, and calendar events will be read by the iOS device and stored in such a format that users can access them from an Android phone using the Google Contacts, Google Photos, and Google Calendar apps.

Although this is a 3 step process, depending on the amount of data stored on iOS devices, it may take more or less time for the backup to take place. However, before attempting to back up your data, you need to disable iMessage.

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The new method available from Google is working on any Android device.

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