The Nintendo Switch gets bluetooth audio

Nintendo has announced that with the latest software update, the Switch console will now support bluetooth audio.

Switch, Nintendo

Nintendo announced in a tweet that brought the Switch the ability to listen to audio via wireless bluetooth headsets. The ability to use Bluetooth headsets on the Switch console was a feature that was clearly missing from the first moment came to stores in 2017. According to a Nintendo support article, for the new feature you will only need to do the latest software update.

Using a Bluetooth wireless headset will limit your use of two wireless controllers. The system will also not support Bluetooth microphones, which is not surprising since Nintendo's voice chat system is based on an application running on your phone.

Reading the changelog, the update also adds some features to make wired internet more useful. The Switch will be able to stay connected to the internet even in idle mode, either via an adapter or via the built-in LAN port.

Nintendo says this will help the console download content while it sleeps and that the feature will be enabled by default.

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