Microsoft's 3D Emoji Collection Goes Open Source

Software and web developers are now free to use Microsoft's amazing XNUMXD emoji, as the company has made them open source.

fluent microsoft emoji

As of August 10th, the Fluent UI emoji collection is open source and you can download everything at GitHub or Figma. The only exceptions are emojis that include Microsoft logos or the Clippy (clip) emoji.

Microsoft first brought XNUMXD emoji “Fluent UI” back in the Windows 11 announcement. But much to the dismay of fans, these only appear in Microsoft Teams. The Windows 11 operating system still uses simple 2D emoji.

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This collection includes 1.538 emojis in SVG, PNG and JPG file formats. Of course, Microsoft also offers the code to modify the emojis with new skin tones, expressions, and more.

Because these emoji are open source, you can use them for almost anything (within the boundaries of Microsoft's code of conduct). If you want a custom emoji pack for your Discord chats, for example, you can use Microsoft's. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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