Symantec cuts down on spam emails in June

Good news from Symantec for all of us using e-mail: Unwanted emails are down! In fact, junk emails are now just 49,7% of all e-mails.
The figure comes from Symantec security company and from the report that published Intelligence Report June 2015. The company notes that it is the first time in a decade that the rate falls below 50%. The last time the company presented such a spam rate was in September of 2003, or almost 12 years ago.

More specifically, Symantec noted that in June, 704 was sent billions of emails, of which 353 billions were classified as spam.

At the peak of the spam epidemic in June of 2009, 5.700 billions of 6.300 billions of messages shipped were spam, according to past security firm data.

The company's report shows that the percentage of spam continues to drop each month: the number of junk mail detected by Symantec was 52,1% in April and 51,5% in May.

The fall in spam is usually due to the persecution of authorities and major technology companies against botnets, faster response times by network providers, improved locking and better filtering.

The main goal is to make the spam business less profitable: If you can reduce spam margins, you can also reduce spam.

Other findings in the report, which are not just about spam, but also about safety in general, state:

57.600.000 new malware variants were created in June against 44.500.000 malware created in May and 29,2 million in April.
Ransomware attacks have increased and crypto-ransomware has reached higher levels since December of 2014.

Read Symantec's full report (19 pages)

Intelligence Report June 2015

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