Symantec announces the Secure One program

Symantec Corp company introduces Symantec Secure One, an enhanced distribution/resale channel partner program designed to help security-focused partners further grow their businesses.Secure One

Symantec Secure One offers partners the ability to have higher returns by earning through simplified proficiency and certification requirements, and can now have a more predictable Growth Accelerator Rebate. Below the Secure One umbrella, a new distribution program will be integrated to further support and accelerate the development of the

“Always with cyber security in mind and to further strengthen the portfolio, we aim for solutions that address the most sophisticated malicious and with the program Symantec Secure One, our partners will be able to take advantage of and our services, so that they can further develop their businesses",

said John Thompson, Global Senior Vice President of Partner and Channel Sales, Symantec.

"This new enhanced program provides our partners with a clear path and goals to take advantage of innovation and growth with which we are moving as the largest cyber security company."

The Secure One at :

• Higher yields - Symantec's Growth Accelerator Rebate (GAR) sets a goal for new jobs and rewards the partner from the very first transaction. Once the partner reaches Platinum level in any area (Threat Protection, Information Protection or Cyber ​​Security Services), partners participate in a predictable, profitable GAR across the entire security portfolio, including Core Security.

• Faster Payments - Partners do not have to wait until the end of the year to report their accounts, which in practice translates into faster cash flows. In addition, opportunities to earn more profits are rising in the quarter by 50%.

• Easy to achieve goals - Now it's easier than ever for partners to achieve Platinum level. Having rationalized the special needs of the pro(technical validation, customer reports, sales certification requirements), our partners can now earn more revenue, faster and with fewer processes.

The Symantec Secure One program is activated worldwide by 5 October 2015, initially for resellers, while the enhanced distribution plan will be developed later. For more information, visit the The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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