SSL / TLS from Symantec? change certificates directly

Https from Symantec? Tens of thousands of websites will be identified as unsafe if they do not interrupt the HTTPS certificate they use in the next two months.

Thanks to a decision made in September, Google will no longer consider SSL / TLS issued by Symantec safe. Symantec

The decision will be in effect from mid-April, and Chrome browser users who visit such pages using security certificates issued before 1 in June 2016 or 1 in December of 2017 by Symantec will be warned by the browser , that their connection is not private and that their information can be intercepted.

The change will come with 66 version of Chrome, which will be released on 17 April. But the problem will become even bigger on October 23 when build 70 is released that will recognize all Symantec certificates as unreliable.

Of course, not everyone is using Chrome and they are not all upgraded directly to the latest version. But as we do, websites using HTTPS from Symantec will have problems.

So if you are a company, or an organization that uses Symantec security protocols, you will soon have to do something, so you do not get exposed.

Symantec, meanwhile, claims that only 127 certificates were issued incorrectly, not the 30.000 originally announced. But a few months after the revelation of the "wrong" certificates and after the insistence of Google, Symantec sold the certificate department to DigiCert.

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