Symantec What should and should not do in case of a violation

Symantec: Data breaches become a headache for business IT departments and it is now necessary for all staff to be constantly alert to security issues.

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But while businesses focus their efforts on deterring potential intruders, it is important that they have a strategy to deal with any violation if they happen.

The first days and weeks after the violation are critical but also emotionally charged. Businesses typically react impulsively and start downloading logs, put servers offline while they are hurrying to repair the damage, ignoring that they can destroy important evidence. The truth is that the above measures may hamper research and cause greater problems. It is important for the company to be aware of the appropriate actions in the event of a breach, to apply best practices and to provide for a manual to deal with cases of breach.

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One of the most important steps from the outset is to have a clear procedure to inform the IT department of any security issues that have arisen in the business. More often than not, security breach events are not perceived by the company itself. Usually, compliance agencies, business partners, such as paying agents, or even customers, are found and do not arrive quickly at CIO's office because usually the person receiving the information does not know where to contact.

1 day to 1 week after violation:

Once informed about the violation by CIO, CISO and IT department staff, CISO has to follow a three-pronged process: To command the IT department to preserve the and to assess both the size and extent of the breach, to work with the legal department to decide what to disclose and to inform the Information Systems Manager and the Managing Director for the developments in order to inform the shareholders about the situation.

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